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Summer Eye's Joy of Knowing

Tobacco & Salt Museum: You’ll Appreciate Salt after Reading this Article



In Japanese characters, Tomoyuki translates to “the joy of knowing.” Tomoyuki Natsume, also known as Summer Eye, personifies the delight and happiness derived from knowledge and learning. In our last issue, we accompanied Summer Eye to the Museum of Tobacco and Salt, exploring the “Cigarettes” section. This time, our focus shifts to the intriguing world of “Salt.”

“You are my salt!” could Transform into “I love you”

“You’re my sunshine!” would make my day if someone said it, but no one would ever say, “You’re my salt!” And even if they did, decoding that message would be a challenge. It’s a bit disheartening because ‘salt’ carries connotations of ‘saltiness,’ and the term is also used to describe something lackluster, leaving me to feel less attractive. In recent years, Japan’s scorching summers have made water and salt essential! Yet, the status and perception of salt remain humble.

A glimpse into the Tobacco and Salt Museum’s permanent exhibit, “The World of Salt,” might just turn this perspective around. If the whole world were to visit, perhaps by the day after tomorrow, “You’re my salt!” could hold more weight than even “I love you.” Let’s embark on this journey together and get acquainted with the world of salt.

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