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#Tomoyo Okayama

Born in 1984 in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture. After working as a school building manager for a university entrance exam prep school, writing and editing a column for the Asahi Shimbun evening newspaper, working as a reporter for Stage Natalie, and working as a web director for a business company, he became independent in 2020. He has been involved in about 100 interviews, interviews, and column writing per year for the Asahi Shimbun book site "Kosho Kohi", Mainichi Shimbun Publishing "Weekly Economist", Kansai TV on-demand media "Miyoka", Ticket Pia related media, Walking Tatsujin web version "Santatsu", etc. He has also written for the Asahi Shimbun newspaper "Kosho Kohi" and "Shukan Economist".




NiEW recommends alternative music🆕

NiEW Best Music is a playlist featuring artists leading the music scene and offering alternative styles in our rapidly evolving society. Hailing from Tokyo, the NiEW editorial team proudly curates outstanding music that transcends size, genre, and nationality.