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MIYASHITA PARK: Where Style Meets Sustainability in Shopping




J-WAVE’s radio program GRAND MARQUEE’s “BACKPACK TOKYO” strives to offer an authentic and captivating guide to Tokyo. In the episode aired on December 21st, Yanagi Gari from comdey dup Denko Sekka introduces MIYASHITA PARK, an intricate facility situated a mere 3-minute stroll from Shibuya Station, seamlessly blending parks, commercial spaces, and hotels.

Fukuoka’s Popular Daimyo Soft Serve Now Lands in Tokyo Only at MIYASHITA PARK

Celeina (MC): Where are you today?

Gari: Today, we are at MIYASHITA PARK, a commercial complex just a 3-minute walk from Shibuya Station. The Christmas mood is at its best.

Celeina: That’s nice.

Gari: I just had the limited Christmas menu “Strawberry Short Soft Matcha Christmas Version” at MIYASHITA CAFE.

Celeina: Strawberry and Matcha?

Yanagi Gari (Denko Sekka)

Gari: Yes, it represents a Christmas tree with soft serve ice cream, and it’s delicious with lots of fresh cream. This menu is only for Christmas, but you can always enjoy the fluffy soft-serve ice cream with fresh cream on our regular menu.

Celeina: Sounds delicious.

Daimyo Soft Serve from Fukuoka, maed with fresh milk and cream from Kyushu. Known for its fluffy, creamy texture, it’s exclusively available at MIYASHITA CAFE in Tokyo.



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