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“HELLO INDIE” Makes a Comeback After Five Years: Solid Indie Music Heaven with a “PWYW” System




On July 7, 2024 (Sunday), the music event “HELLO INDIE 2024” will be held at Sendai PIT in Miyagi Prefecture for the first time in five years, limited to 1000 attendees. This year, a “Pay What You Wish” system has been introduced, allowing attendees to set their own prices, making it more accessible to attend. NiEW is interested in this event that supports the indie scene and would like to introduce the reasons for their attention and the highlights of the event.

Charting the Journey: A Look into the History of “HELLO INDIE”

‘HELLO INDIE’ was initially launched as a circuit event across four venues in Sendai city in 2014. The following year, in 2015, it expanded to five venues. In 2016, it extended to include Matsumoto and Hiroshima, alongside Sendai. By 2017, it had reached Saitama, followed by an outdoor stage in Yamagata in 2018, and culminating in Sendai PIT in 2019. Now, after five years, ‘HELLO INDIE’ returns to Sendai PIT.

The reason for changing locations and continuing to challenge is rooted in its mission statement: “to support artists pursuing high artistic and unique musical qualities, and to establish and grow that scene.” In other words, it aims to bring indie artists who are less visible outside of the Tokyo area to various locations, thereby increasing exposure to excellent music.

Akeboshi / Arakajime Kimerareru Koibitotachi e / KUDANZ / The fin. / spike shoes / sleepy.ab / Yūko Sebu / Tamtam / Masato Tomobe / Hump Back / Fūmidō / LITE / ROTH BART BARON / Kūkikōdan / Krite / Keishi Tanaka / Ryūdai Sasaki / NINGEN OK

iri / Oorutaichi / Chizuru Oki / GEZAN / Cypress Ueno & Roberto Yoshino / Ssighborggg (USA) / Ryūdai Sasaki / SALU / spike shoes / sébuhiroko / Tamtam / Chinza Dopeness / Saho Terao / Masato Tomobe / Triple Fire / never young beach / Bambambazaar / The fin. / Yogee New Waves / LITE / Lamp / ROTH BART BARON

2016 (Sendai, Matsumoto, Hiroshima)
Akeboshi / Arakajime Kimerareru Koibitotachi e / Yūki Ōno / KUDANZ / COKEHEAD HIPSTERS / Cypress Ueno & Roberto Yoshino / Ssighborggg (U.S) / spike shoes / Tamtam / Masato Tomobe / noid / Kenichi Hasegawa / BACK DROP BOMB / LITE / Lamp / Ryu Matsuyama / ROTH BART BARON

2017 (Saitama)
Arakajime Kimerareru Koibitotachi e / iri / Mizuki Ōhira / odol / KUDANZ / spike shoes / sleepy.ab / Guka Sogabe / Tamtam / Masato Tomobe / PAELLAS / Predawn / Vurro (ESP) / Hotel New Tokyo / MOROHA / Ryu Matsuyama / LEO Imai [SOLO SET] / Ropes / Mayumi Inami / DALLJUB STEP CLUB / Nozomi Nobody / Via tov / Vurro (ESP) / Maison book girl with Chaotic Speed King / Yap!!! / LITE / Ryu Matsuyama

2018 (Yamagata)
iri / KUDANZ / The fin. / PAELLAS / Bruno Major / Taichi Mukai / Ryu Matsuyama

WOMAN / 5kai / the band apart / THE REDNECK MANIFESTO (Ireland) / JYOCHO / spike shoes / Densa med dig / Nyantora / heaven in her arms / uri gagarn / LITE / ROTH BART BARON

The organizers’ curation is excellent, so if there are artists I don’t know, I’d like to listen to them. If there’s even one artist I like, I’m sure there are others I’d also enjoy.



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