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Uki, who presides over the “Kurashi no Schole,” thinks about how to live and be happy through tidying up.



A circle of friends connected by goo touch! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On December 25, Uki-san, who presides over “Kurashi no Schole,” will appear on the show. We asked her about the activities of “Kurashi no Schole,” how she came to work on tidying up, and her tips for tidying up.

I thought that living would teach me everything I needed to know about what I could cherish in my daily events.

Celeina (MC): First up for the week is this person recommended by the program, Uki-san, who runs “Kurashi no Schole”. Pleased to meet you. I understand that Mr.Takano and Uki-san are friends.

Takano (MC): Yes, we are.

Uki: We studied English together when I was studying in Canada.

Takano: To explain we welcome to Uki-san, when I met Uki-san after a long time, I heard that she was working on cleaning up, and I thought it was interesting.

Celeina: So she is going to share her tidying up skills with us this time.

Takano: That’s what I meant. Once again, please give us a profile of Uki-san.

Celeina:Uki-san started her activities in 2019 with the theme of “toning up the mind and life,” and runs “Kurashi no Schole” which aims to make living itself the source of life. Please tell us about your specific activities.

Uki: I started my tidying up consulting business in 2019 and have cleaned up about 900 cases so far. Among them, I have received many comments from clients that they were happy to have a clean house, but more than that, they were very happy to have their own mind set through the tidying up process. Since I was a child, I myself have been very interested in how we can all live with a healthy mind.

For example, I wondered what the things I experienced today, my daily feelings, and the events in which I felt bad about something that was said to me or felt very content after talking with a friend, were teaching us, and what we should cherish. So I thought that living can teach us everything, and we are doing a one-year program to think about these things together.

Takano: So you are saying that tidying up is also a part of living, and living is a part of life, so it is connected to the way we live.

Uki: That is correct.

Celeina: What does “Schole” mean?

Uki: “Schole” is an ancient Greek word from which the word “school” is derived, and it was originally used to mean leisure or leisure time. Ancient Greeks, like modern people, were very busy, and it seems that they had no time at all to reflect and learn about what happened today or how they felt. So when I learned that they had the idea of taking time to savor life and think about it, I thought it was wonderful, so I use this word.

Celeina: So it’s a “Kurashi no Schole”. So you feel that cleaning up is not the ultimate goal, but rather to achieve a healthy and happy life?

Uki: Yes. Then the house should be clean, too.

Celeina: I see. It’s that endless loop.

Takano: It’s a happy loop.



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