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K-PRO’s Kina Kojima, whom the comedian calls “the mother of comedy,” talks about the changes in the comedy world after the Corona disaster.



A circle of friends connected by goo touch! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On November 27, Kina Kojima of “K-PRO,” which organizes and hosts live comedy performances, will appear. We asked her about her motivation for starting K-PRO, comedians to watch, and recent changes in the comedy scene.

Kina Kojima, who organizes 1,000 comedy gigs a year, recommends the following comedians

Takano (MC): I heard that Ms.Kojima plans 1,000 comedy gigs a year, which is a bad number.

Celeina (MC): How many shows is that in a day?

Kojima: I do three shows a day at a theater called “Narugeki” in Nishi-Shinjuku, and I also go to various other theaters to do live shows as a production collaborator.

Celeina:Thank you for your time.

Kojima: It’s no trouble at all. I’m glad to hear it.

Celeina:Speaking of comedy, the “M-1 Grand Prix” will be held at the end of this year as well. We are currently in the midst of the preliminary rounds, and the total number of entries is 8,540, the largest number in the history of the competition.

Takano: From these, 30 pairs have made it to the semifinals, including Shinku Jieshika, Ozuwarudo, Sayaka, Kabeposter, and Longcoat Daddy. These are names of people who were also active in last year’s “M-1 Grand Prix”.

Kojima: Yes, that’s right. Of course there were the strong veterans, but I had the impression that the next generation of young talent had also risen to the top.

Takano: Are there any duos that you are paying attention to?

Kojima: I am looking at Yarlens this year. They are from Osaka, but they have become popular since they came to Tokyo. He has been working hard with Westland, Mogrider, Ranjatai, and Nishikigoi, but among them, Yarlens is the only one who has not made it to the finals. We have been told for a long time that this is the year, and we are really finishing it.

Takano: What are the characteristics of Yarlens’s manzai?

Kojima: They call their manzai “jazz”.

Celeina: Jazz!

Takano: Is it like a free session? I’m curious.

Kojima: I hope you’ll have a chance to see them because they are characterized by their comfortable-listening manzai.

Celeina: You should check it out.



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