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Went to Daikanyama in 5th grade. RK, a photographer who creates a buzz on Instagram, has been highly sensitive since childhood.



A circle of friends connected by gootouchi! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On September 12, photographer RK will appear on the show. We asked him about fashion, which he says he has loved since childhood, his unexpected motivation to become a photographer, and about the photos that got him buzzed on Instagram.

Going to Daikanyama in the 5th grade

Celeina (MC): KATSU of the apparel brand “Winiche & Co.” introduced me to photographer RK yesterday. thank you.

RK: Nice to meet you, I’m RK.

Celeina:First of all, let me introduce you to RK’s profile: RK was born in 1982 in Furukawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture. He is a graphic designer and DJ, and started his photography career in 2013 when he joined NIKE’s running team AFE. He has produced many masterpieces such as “Grandpa in Akihabara” and “Bike on the Taipei Bridge,” and has over 760,000 followers on Instagram.

Takano (MC): I think there are quite a few followers of RK among those who are listening to this, so we are looking forward to your message.

Celeina: I would like to ask you how you got the buzz, but after all, you were a graphic designer and DJ before you became a photographer. We heard that you participated in the Koshien National Championships when you were a student.

RK: The school itself participated in the Koshien, but I was removed as a member.

Celeina: Oh dear.

Takano: But you played baseball all the time?

RK: I have been playing baseball since I was in the third grade of elementary school.

Celeina: When you were a student, were you interested in culture while playing baseball?

RK: Yes, I did. Influenced by my mother and local seniors, I started going to Daikanyama from about the 5th grade of elementary school.

Celeina:What were you doing in Daikanyama?

RK: Do you know those Evis jeans with the seagull logo? Those were in their heyday, so even if I couldn’t buy them, I wanted to go there anyway. I ended up buying them.

Celeina:Around you, RK, were the kids in your grade also interested in Evis Jeans? Or were you the only one?

RK: At first it was just me, but it gradually spread.

Celeina:It originated from RK-san.

RK: Yes, that’s right. Even in junior high school, we all went to Ura Harajuku together. We had baseball practice, so we arrived at Harajuku around 6:00 a.m. and stayed there for only an hour or two.

Celeina:What did you do in Ura harajuku when you were in junior high school? Did you check out fashions, or did you have a favorite store?

RK: There is a legendary A BATHING APE and UNDERCOVER store called NOWHERE, and I used to stand in line there.

Takano: So you were highly sensitive.

Celeina: Really, you were a fashion icon.



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