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Mikio Sakabe sheds light on the unique identity of ‘grounds’ footwear



Infusing everyday life with a touch of fantasy through our footwear

-Why do you think grounds had steady growth over the past four years?

Sakabe: I think it is a compound effect, but as mentioned above, I think it is due to the fact that unique sneakers with a high fashion sense were scarce compared to clothing. Until now, sneakers were either luxury or sports-oriented.

From left to right: “MOOPIE MARY JANE” and “JEWELRY”.

-What did you focus on in order to keep your brand going?

Sakabe: The brand will not last unless we do something commensurate with its size, so we try not to make it a temporary boom. I have been saying that for the past four years. If it becomes a boom, any brand will go downhill after the boom.

-What would you like to achieve through grounds?

Sakabe: I aim to create sneakers that enhance the joy of every step we take, serving as a gateway to a world of fantasy.

-How would you define fantasy?

Sakabe: All fashion brands contain fantasy. That is branding. Almost no one captures everyday life as it is, just as the way we feel changes depending on the space, the place, and the people we are with.

And more importantly, it is about how you create an entry point from reality to fantasy. For example, wearing a bright red dress can put you in the mood for something magical to happen. I believe that having a proper entrance to fantasy will enrich your life.

-Lastly, where do you see grounds as a brand in the future?

Sakabe: I want to make it a luxury brand from Japan. There are not so many fashion brands in Japan that can be called luxury brands. From next year onward, we are looking at a full-scale presentation in Paris, and from that point on, I hope we can operate the brand as a representative of Japan with the big concept of luxury.

The brand’s first flagship store “grounds STORE 001”

Address: 5-18-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Business hours: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Wednesday, Thursday
Phone: 03-6427-5121



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