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Kankuro Kudo and Yoshihide Otomo: An Extraordinary Life with an End in “A Town Without Seasons”



Meaningless loud music is the symbol of “A Town Without Seasons”

Kudo: One of the things that left an impression on me in the discussion with Otomo was the concept of meaningless loud music that he mentioned.

Otomo: Indeed, I did say that [laughs].

Kudo: Usually, music stands out too much when it tries to say something meaningful. But this is the opposite. I thought it was the best way to symbolize “A Town Without Seasons.”

I think the interesting thing about the accompaniment for this series is that it allows for continuity and imprinting. This time I was in charge of directing episodes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 10, and if you establish a standard at the beginning, such as using a song for the ending of each episode, you can gradually induce the viewer’s image of the drama. Otomo’s concept of meaningless loud music was exactly what I wanted.

That’s why I used the same music for episodes 1 and 2, but Yokohama, the director of the third episode, completely ignored it, which was also great [laughs]. It is normal for serial dramas to keep the format, even if directors were different.

Otomo: Yokohama is really interesting! In my mind, he is as strange as Rok-chan. That’s why I thought from the beginning that the director’s selections for each episode were amazing [laughs].

Kudo: Naoki is also really talented as an assistant director, but when it comes to directing, I was surprised at how much persistence he puts into each cut.

Otomo: Naoki is very persistent [laughs].

Kudo: In episode 6, which Naoki was in charge of, there was a scene of raining, and I thought that scene must’ve been a hard one. After, I asked him, “I heard that it was tough.” Then, he said, “Yes, it was tough,” as if it wasn’t his fault [laughs]. In terms of music, Naoki used completely different techniques the other directors may not use. It was a unique team of directors.

Otomo: They are very much like people in the story.

Kudo: They are full of individuality! It’s not that they were trying to do something different from others, but they were naturally going their own way.



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