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#Dumb Type

Dumb Type

Since its inception in 1984, the group has continued to explore the possibilities of group collaboration in its own unique way. The group's production activities are based on flat and loose collaboration without hierarchy, with no specific director, and the participating members changing from project to project, and have been introduced both inside and outside Japan as multimedia art that is not bound by established genres and crosses all forms of expression.
His works have been presented at the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Barbican Center (London), New National Theatre (Tokyo), International Modern Dance Festival (Seoul), Museum of Contemporary Art Lyon, Athens Concert Hall, Singapore Art Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The work has been performed/exhibited at numerous festivals and museums around the world, including the Amsterdam City Theatre, etc. In 2018, his solo exhibition "DUMB TYPE | ACTIONS + REFLECTIONS" will be held at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Metz, France, followed in 2019-2020 by a solo exhibition at the In March 2020, a new performance "2020" was created at the Rohm Theater Kyoto; from May 6 to September 11, 2022, a solo exhibition was held at the Haus der Kunst, Munich; from May 6 to September 11, 2022, a solo exhibition was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.




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