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That selection of music makes the film

Epic Tale of Vanished Youth: 1991’s ‘SKINLESS NIGHT’ unveiled through Hachimitsu Pie’s iconic anthem



Reviving “those days” through film and music, painting the present

The film then unfolds gently through a chance encounter with Yoriko Jimbo and a friend’s confession of illness. Kayama decides to work on “something he really wants to do” and makes a hasty departure. He stays at the inn where “Izu no Odoriko” was set, writes a scenario, and confronts his past again. His approach is as pathetic and unreliable as ever. However, he is strangely radiant. The scene in which he invites Chie to an inn in Izu and they “act out” the scenario written by Kayama is one of the most beautiful and ephemeral scenes in the film.

The accompanying music for this scene is also superb. The serene piano music carries feelings of sadness and a hint of joy at the same time. The original score for this film is credited to the “Skinless Night Band,” which provides superb music throughout the film. The reggae-tinged closing theme “Wish” is also by the Skinless Knight Band, and is a wonderful song to close this delicate film.

Toward the end, the film returns to the beginning. The way in which the film blurs the timeline is also (though subtly) brilliantly done. The film may return to “everyday life,” but “youth” never ends, nor will it ever begin again. If you open your eyes, “those days” are still there.

The story depicted by a former porno film director in 1991 revives “those days” through film and music and paints the present. Whenever the song “Hei no Ue de,” I will remember this film, and I’m sure I will want to watch it again and again. I will remember the 8mm film I once made, just as Kayama does when he plays “reference previews” of his films.


Skinless Night: Digitally Restored Version
Opening in theaters nationwide on September 16, 2023 (Sat) at Shinjuku k’s cinema and other venues.
Director: Rokuro Mochizuki
Cast: Kin Ishikawa, Yasuko Yagami, Fumi Katsuragi, etc.
Distributor: Furumo Termo
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