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Series with the artists


Music, work, and sometimes memorial services

"The most difficult thing to do is to continue rather than to start or to finish something" said TAMIW vocalist tami, who quit her job as a lab worker at RIKEN in her late 20s and began her music career in earnest, running a studio in a corner of a temple, working with members at her own company, and continuing her band activities. She has a unique background of running a studio in a temple and working in her own company while continuing to play in a band. She has expanded the possibilities of the band sound and wowed music lovers with her stunning songs and sound, and will talk with musicians who continue their music activities while balancing music and work. She talks not only about music, but also about her daily life, money, family, members, etc. Thinking about what you want to be leads you to the future.




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NiEW Best Music is a playlist featuring artists leading the music scene and offering alternative styles in our rapidly evolving society. Hailing from Tokyo, the NiEW editorial team proudly curates outstanding music that transcends size, genre, and nationality.