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#Shogo Nomura


A member of the Fukuoka collective BOAT and in charge of miscellaneous work for the band MADE IN HEPBURN, which is the core of the collective. After graduating from college, at the age of 23, he started working part-time at "LOVE FM" and became involved in the production of radio programs, supporting fellow artists he met in the process of producing the RKB Mainichi Broadcasting radio programs "Drink Bar Bonjin Conference" and "Chartbusters r!", which led him to establish the music He established the music collective BOAT. BOAT's activities led to the creation of music videos for major artists such as Siip, AmPm, and Yoshiho Nakamura, as well as for Fukuoka artists such as Deep Sea Diving Club, Cranazm, and YOUND. From 2022, he will be producing an official podcast for Spotify and a program for Hi-Tide Store and Paper Sky magazine, as well as a documentary about Fukuoka's emerging artists. In addition to directing various audio contents such as "THINKING CLOUD," a program by High Tide Store and Paper Sky magazine, he is a member of the Fukuoka Music City Council, where he is in charge of event direction. He will organize "BEYONDERS," a collight project by artists from Fukuoka and Thailand.




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