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#Sara Wakui

Sara Wakui

Composer, keyboardist.
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Music, Faculty of Music.
She began playing piano at the age of 3 and composing music at the age of 9.
While in college, she played with saxophonist MALTA as a member of her band and began playing with jazz elements, while also providing music for companies and big bands.
After graduation, she began performing based on her own aesthetic of improvisation.
In 2022, he launched her own solo project, Sara Wakui & Spice Rhythm.
In March of the same year, she held her first live performance as a leader at Cotton Club in Marunouchi, which was sold out and attracted a great deal of attention.
She also performs and records as a support musician, and her main artists include TK from Rin to Shigure, Yitotoyo, yama, Leon Shinhama, mega shinnnosuke, Satou Moka, Yasei Collective, Yasushi Nakanishi, Shin Furukawa, Eishu, Shiori Shinzan, Mayo Zutto, Shiori Shinzan, Shizuo Shinzan, Shizuo Shinzan, Shizuo Shinoyama, Shizuo Shinzan, and Shizuo Shinzan. Shiori Niiyama, ZUTOMAYO, Myuk, Mizuki Ohira, and more.




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