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#MUSIC Shawn Woody Motoyoshi

13 questions for the youth shaking up the future

A 13-question interview with the multi-faceted and culture-savvy Odd (Odd: quirky) Youth. Be among the first to catch the next generation of creators, indie bands, and next-coming artists. We aim to liberate the youth of the future from stigma by shining a spotlight on them.

Shawn Woody Motoyoshi

Shawn has a background in analogue film photography and works as a photographer, editor and writer based in Tokyo. After becoming independent in 2021, he oversaw VICE Japan as lead editor, and worked on editorial content for national and international magazines, including i-D. He is an expert on lifestyle & culture especially the fashion, arts, and music scenes as well as the LGBTQ+ community. He wants to engage readers in the social issues of Japan. A new print culture magazine, Cult* Magazine, was launched in 2024.
Instagram: @xcvllshawn

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