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Free admission monthly music event organized by NiEW.

The "exPoP!!!!!" is a free admission monthly event started by CINRA in 2007 and taken over by NiEW in December 2022. With the desire to "create an opportunity for people to experience firsthand the expression of artists as an experience, rather than just introducing their words and information in text as web media," we continue to hold events with free admission with the help of sponsor companies, event venues, artists, and other related parties. We are always looking for new talents to be the first to meet and be introduced to them. The event is known among music fans and the music industry as a gateway to encountering new talent, and to date, more than 600 musicians have performed at the event. Please come and feel the raw sound and emotional dynamism that is different from the music you hear in your headphones.




NiEW recommends alternative music🆕

NiEW Best Music is a playlist featuring artists leading the music scene and offering alternative styles in our rapidly evolving society. Hailing from Tokyo, the NiEW editorial team proudly curates outstanding music that transcends size, genre, and nationality.