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Writer, director and actor. Representative of Hanzoku Yusyo. Born in Yamanashi Prefecture. With his artistic background in film, literature, music, and art, which he has absorbed since childhood, he has created a theatrical world that vividly reflects today's information society, where ethics are changing at an accelerating pace. The company has a broad repertoire that includes "Theatre on the Other Side," which uses online as a creative platform, "Theatre Series for Adults and Children," which can be enjoyed with children, and workshop programs for youth and welfare facilities. He has also expanded his activities overseas, giving performances, international co-productions, and providing plays in Asian countries and North America. As a grantee artist for "ACC 2018," she will study in New York from September 2019 to February 2020. She won the "Bangkok Theatre Festival 2014" Best Playwright Award and Best Production Award for "Juvenile X." He won the 66th "Kishida Kunio Drama Award" for "Banana Flowers Can Be Eaten". He is a Saison Fellow of the Saison Foundation.

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