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#Yusho Takoguchi

Novelist, born in 1982 on Hachijojima Island, Tokyo and raised in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Raised in Saitama, Japan, he made his debut in 2011 when he won the Shincho New Writer Award for "Gakki" (musical instruments); in 2015, he won the Noma Literary New Writer Award for "Love and Life"; and in 2016, he won the Akutagawa Ryunosuke Award for "The Undead". His other books include "The Jimi Hendrix Experience," "The Brilliance of Eggplant," "A Long Day," "Ramen Curry," and "About Sabishi" (co-authored with Kazuko Uemoto, original title "Reciprocal Letter: Hitori ni Narukoto Hana wo Okuruyo").



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