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#Kanako Nishi


Born in Tehran, Iran in 1977 and raised in Cairo, Egypt and Osaka, Japan. Won the Sakunosuke Oda Award in 2007 for "Tsutenkaku", the Hayao Kawai Story Award in 2001 for "Fukurara", and the Naoki Award in 2003 for "Saraba! Naoki Prize in 2003 for "Saraba! His many books include "Sakura," "Round Table," "Fisherman's Port: The Meat Boy," "Furu," "Makuko," "i," and "Omajinai. His first nonfiction book, "Kumo wo Sasagasu," was published in April of this year.


#BOOK Izumi Okaya

Izumi Okaya's "Would you like to have a drink at my house?"

Manga artist Izumi Ocaya invites authors and manga artists she knows well to her home, where she serves them food and drinks with them. What kind of stories will emerge from these two well-informed people? We will deliver it with the same temperature as before. Please look forward to the recipe of the day's menu as well!




NiEW recommends alternative music🆕

NiEW Best Music is a playlist featuring artists leading the music scene and offering alternative styles in our rapidly evolving society. Hailing from Tokyo, the NiEW editorial team proudly curates outstanding music that transcends size, genre, and nationality.