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#Ryota Ideguchi

Director of Nagasaki City Kita Community Center and Chitosepia Hall / Director of Nagasaki City Civic Activity Center / Part-time lecturer at Katsusui Women's College (performing arts theory) Born in 1979 in Nagasaki City. After studying museology at Tokyo Gakugei University, he worked as a researcher at the Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture before becoming the director of Nagasaki City Titocepia Hall in 2015. His cutting-edge planning and management style that does not rely on subsidies have attracted attention as a new form of small- and medium-sized public hall in a rural area, and he has been planning and managing the Kita Community Center since 2020 and the Civic Activity Center since 2023. He also gives lectures nationwide on facility management based on his knowledge in the field.





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